Burning Arduino Bootloader to ATmega328P-PU with Pro Mini


The good thing about Arduino is the capability of becoming an USB programmer for other minimum system. In today's case, I burn ATmega328P-PU on a breadboard with an Arduino Pro-Mini that is coonected to a computer via FTDI.

Hardware Setup

  1. An FTDI cable
  2. Arduino Pro-Mini, my version is ATmega 328, 16MHz, 5v.
  3. Minimum system of Arduino with ATmega 328P-PU chip.  
  4. capacitors: a 100nF connecting DTR from FTDI to Arduino Pro Mini, and a 10uF connecting RST to GND on breadboard.
  5. some jumper cables.

Step by step

  • Open the tool tab and select Arduino Pro-Mini 5v, 16MHz, ATmega 328 from the board list of the Arduino IDE
  • Open the example sketch, select Arduino ISP, and then upload the compiled program to Arduino Pro-Mini.

  • Connect D10 of Arduino Pro-Mini to RST of the targeted chip on breadboard, then connect a 10uF connecting RST to GND on breadboard.
  • Connect D11, D12, D13, VCC, and GND of Arduino Pro-mini to the respective I/O of the targeted chip on breadbard.

  • Now select Arduino as ISP from the Programmer sectio  of the Tool tab
  • Also, change the Board to Arduino Uno or other type, depends on what chip is going to be flashed.

  • The last step is to burn bootloader that can be selected from the Tool tab.


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