Minute note on avoiding email server from spam blacklist database

Maintaining reputable email server is increasingly time demanding, no only complying to different 'standards' from major MTA providers, but also dealing with bad habit of the users and ever growing innovative ways of user account collectors and spam engine ditchers.

I will try to list some of the most important settings that are required for a high reputation email server, so that any email sent from the account will not fall into spam folder:

  1. A dedicated IP
  2. Closed Relay
  3. Reverse DNS
  4. SPF for every domain, including sub-domains.
  5. DKIM for every domain, including sub-domains.
  6. Valid SSL certificate
  7. SSL and TLS connection
  8. A good configuration, i.e. Postfix UCE
  9. Forcing password to expire after some months
  10. For incoming email, it is equally important to set several hurdles like greylist, spamassassin, and anti-virus for the email server.
  11. Refreshing users about do and dont with corporate email. 
  12. A good communication with spam blacklist providers, in case the email server is accidentally abused.



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