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Chromeleon: unofficial tweak

Being offered to solve Chromeleon installation unofficially was a great opportunity to me. A hacker mind that is always hungry for challenge (in a good way of course!). In our lab, we have eight Liquid Chromatography equipments: a pump, an auto-sampler, a thermostat, a UV detector, a photodiode array (PDA) detector, a fluorescence detector and a electrochemical detector, and a fraction collector. The problem was compatibility of those equipments to a particular version of Chromeleon (6.8SR9a). Problems were developed when Chromeleon was upgraded to latest service pack; all equipments except the PDA went offline. But, the exact opposite situation was found with older Chromeleon. This had sparked unresolved drama between IT support and engineer from the company. One pointed out Chromeleon software bugs, while other blamed operating system incompatibility. Well, then it came to my chance. I checked all connections using Linux. Yes, Linux! I found major connection uses telnet

Yahoo group with new interface

It becomes more beautiful, but rather uneasy for slow bandwith...