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Multi buttons input for single analog pin on Arduino

This article is a part of NTC-thermistor incubator with Arduino (part 2)  For triple NTC-thermistor probes (part1) access here.

Hi again, today I continue my little experimentation with Arduino. The ultimate aim is to have a homemade incubator. This article will discuss a way to have a user input for some parameters in my incubator, like upper temperature limit (upperTemp), lower temperature limit (lowerTemp), heating and cooling time during the normal operation (heatingTime and coolingTime, respectively). HARDWARE SETUP To enable user input, I selected four push buttons, representing select menu,  down, up, and mute buttons.  Learning from an Arduino page, it is fairly simple to understand the logic of multi buttons input for a single analog pin. I employed four different resistors to give different input values to an Arduino analog pin.

For this,  I prepared electronic parts:

4x four-legged push buttons, 1x 10kΩ, 1x 4.7 kΩ, 1x 1kΩ, 1x 470Ω, and 1x 47Ω resistors,Some jumper cables  

NTC-thermistor incubator with Arduino

Recently, when I stuck with limited lab equipments and decided to produce some for my agricultural post-harvest related research, my eyes fixed with Arduino! This is enough to wake up my old time hobby with electronics (what I really mean was soldering, XD). I never touch them for the past 15 years. I am a total noob in this matter. Arduino recreates a new passion, just like when I learned GNU/Linux some 10 years ago. 
Last year, I purchased an Arduino UNO R3 for the purpose of learning and found this is incredibly simple to deliver solutions in my field. I do not need (and do not want too) to learn assembler or AVR languages in depth, just to produce thermocouple logger for cacao fermentation or to build a small scale DC powered incubator for example.

Arduino UNO (pic. from

HARDWARE SETUP Enough talking, now I proceed to the core of the article, a tutorial for NTC-thermistor incubator. In this occasion, a “brain” for incubator using negative temperature coefficient t…