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Release Party Jaunty Jackalope

Acara ini diadakan di STMIK Widya Cipta Darma, Jalan M Yamin, Samarinda pada hari Minggu 24 Mei 2009. Jumlah peserta diperkirakan mencapai sekitar 70 orang dan menampilkan sedikitnya 4 orang pembicara. Acara dimulai dari teknik instalasi J-J pada notebook, lalu menambahkan repositori DVD, membuat vector-banner menggunakan InkScape. Dalam acara ini, dicoba pula koneksi Ubuntu menggunakan Handphone/GSM modem.

A night with Jaunty Jackalope

What's that? Kinda unfamiliar name. It is not a brand for candy, but a newest Ubuntu (the most famous Linux distro). The name does not give any hint nor strength to be a good marketing jargon. Anyway, the name represents the tradition of Ubuntu's natural intimate. Look at these predesessors, gutsy gibbon, hardy haron, intrepid ibex. You may look at the resemblance, yes G-G, H-H, I-I, and now J-J. Anyhow, once more, name doesn't represent its capability, which I can say, another pinnacle O/S made by Ubuntu. Starting with around 20s to login screen (fresh, default install on my lapie: Toshiba Core Duo 1.73Mhz with 3Gigs RAM), the first impression, impressive! This is way beyond expectation, a descent, stable looking, and fast O/S with EXT4 partition type enabled (acclaimed to boost performance of some percents compared to the previous EXT3). Since the release of Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), there was practically no successor can match its performance until J-J. Well, here