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Paypal and Paypall

A friend of mine received an email from 'Paypal' in which he required to re-enter address and credit-card details after login in via a site (, immediately.
Apparently, email was from, but in the address box was pretending as With current web-based email and even Outlook, ordinary users are barely recognized the difference, hence we should check the original/header from the email.
The nature of the scam were: use different email name in the "from address" and the "reply address". The difference could be very slight: (single L ~ or the true PayPal) and (double L ~ or the fake Paypal).in header check, the true Paypal uses Domain Key and SPF signatures while the other don't.a redirected link of the forfeited Paypal will provide http (unencrypted protocol), while the real PayPal will provide https (encrypted protocol).the https protocol provided by the true Paypal will have a gre…