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VPN in Opera: a working anonimity solution

A short introduction of securing our connection to the intended server. When it comes to privacy, there are choices to mask our IP address of origin. Open Proxy plus DNS proxy can be used in combination to mask our true IP address to any server.  This, however, does not guarantee that the connection between our computer and the server is encrypted. A rogue proxy server, instead of acting as a masking layer, may act as man in the middle and steal any important data if the connection is not encrypted. VPN secures connection between us and VPN server. A well designed VPN service may randomize the exit connection to any network that they provide to decrease the chance of being tracked. Plus, the connection between our computer and the exit connection of the VPN is encrypted. The next option is Tor, which is basically multiple random proxy and dns proxy. Requests are hardly streamed through a single channel, rather utilize a number of routes to complete the data requested. This increases

Into the actor's dark act.

Tracking down digital trace may be difficult. But, we can use several common key questions: 1. what we know about the domains? The first domain is well known: ******cinta******.com The second domain is less known: ******cinta****** ******cinta******.com receives about 140 unique visitors and 154 (1.10 per visitor) page views per day. Last updated on 6 Feb 2017. Site is hosted in San Francisco, CA, 94107, Seychelles and links to network IP address (******cinta******.com &******cinta****** 2. where was it hosted? Most probably Qhoster with an Italy/Seychelles IP. 3. is Qhoster popular in ******sia? Not really, unless the person has read many reviews of VPS hosting services. It is in fact a mediocre provider (by rating). 3. any ******sian site that has been registered with Qhoster? We should see something here... 4. does the registrar use similar pattern of registering the domain

Mengupdate Wordpress untuk semua subdomain

Wordpress  adalah platform populer untuk situs-situs blogging maupun manajemen konten untuk situs lain yang lebih serius. Sayangnya, Wordpress juga merupakan target deface  yang sangat umum, utamanya bagi para cracker yang ingin eksis. Untuk itu, Wordpress harus selalu diperbaharui. Memperbaharui Wordpress untuk satu situs mungkin bukan pekerjaan yang berat, sekalipun butuh kehati-hatian. Akan tetapi, memperbaharui beberapa situs yang identik, perlu waktu yang cukup. Kegiatan ini dilakukan berulang-ulang, sehingga memerlukan suatu otomasi. Skrip ini dibangun tidak sempurna, akan tetapi cukup untuk melayani proses update minor/security fix dari Wordpress yang diinstall. #!/bin/bash #Variabel WORDPRESS_LAST_VER=4.7.5 WORDPRESS_NEW_VER=4.8 WORDPRESS_URL='' #Bekerja di direktori update echo "Got to Working Directory" cd /var/wp-updates #Mengunduh berkas Wordpress terkompresi echo "Downloading Latest Wordpress Versi