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DHT11 incubator with I2C LCD (part 1)

DESCRIPTION DHT11 is applied as a sensor for temperature and humidity. To control temperature, a relay is used and connected to heating elements. Humidity and Temperature are displayed on a 16x2 LCD via I2C/PCF8574. On the next iteration, there will be: an additional relay to control a cooling fan humidity control via pneumatic parts button as controls to set the TempTarget and HumiTarget. However, other incubator implementing LM35 as temperature sensor is already explained on this link EQUIPMENT IN USE This incubator uses a clone of Arduino UNO, DFRduino v2.1, a DHT11 sensor, a relay, and a LCD 16x2 connected to I2C module (PCF8574). DIAGRAM AND PICTURES THE CODE you can grab the code here

Herry's Hybrid Sun and Element Drier Project with Arduino

Herry's Hybrid Sun and Element Drier  with Arduino is an undergraduate student final project at THP Mulawarman University . The aim is to produce a hybrid sun + electric drier for agricultural products, mainly focusing on herbal products. This sketch is version 1.0 as of October 2014.   Our Past Abstract

Updating vmail-1.7

Just a minute note on installing Postfix with MySQL and virtualmail on Slackware linux. The explanation can be read from here . Old versions of this note are available from here . Feel free to discuss and improve the files as I am doing this in very limited time and as for fun only. Anyone to co-write for next version, please contact me via email/my profile. Cheers,